Web Developer Resume Sample

A web developer is that skilled person who takes part in the development of World Wide Web, websites or networks of the internet. A web developer is in demand of all organizations whether private or government, large or small scales.

Some web developers work as permanent employees of a company and some of these developers make contracts with the companies for their services. The main duties of a web developer include: maintaining, programming and developing websites, database design, and development, act as customer consulting etc. They build web pages including layout, appearance, and functionalities.

Web developers can find jobs easily. But they have to face challenges as well as opportunities for growth because web development is having continuous growth. Other than education, an individual who is applying for a web developer’s job should design his resume in a way that must succeed to grab the employer’s attention to read your resume thoroughly. A resume should clearly state candidate’s skills and abilities.

To achieve the objectives of the resume, a web developer’s resume should contain the following information including technical certifications, operating systems, networking, computer languages, database applications, web applications, hardware skills etc. But stating these attributes, a writer should be very conscious about the length of the resume. It should not be excessively lengthy. While writing an interview winning resume you have to consider too many points.

Following are some instructions to remember:

  • Give your introduction including all necessary information like name, phone number, address etc.
  • Try to be neat and error free in your resume.
  • Write a powerful opening statement of objectives to win the employer’s heart at the very beginning.
  • Keep focusing on the benefits from you to the employer and avoid mentioning your salary requirements.
  • Emphasize on your job relating skills rather than your interests and extra activities irrelevant to the job.
  • Use direct and action words instead of passive words.
  • Try to make it clear to the employer that you are active, intelligent, have spirit of teamwork and capable of contributing.
  • Try to be organized and logical.
  • You may also insert another section of personal traits like responsible, highly motivated, organized, reliable etc.
  • Include your previous job experience and your academic and professional background.
  • Provide reference in the last section of the resume.

Here are also some instructions to follow before you go for a job interview. Keep following points in mind for interview:

  • Collect information about the company before you go for an interview.
  • Prepare yourself for the interview questions on the topics including:
    • Educational background
    • Work experience
    • Job related skills and abilities
    • Objectives
    • About your achievements
    • Money and salary negotiation
  • On the interview day, try to reach a few minutes earlier.
  • Have a smile on your face and speak politely and clearly.
  • Try to maintain an eye-contact with the interviewer and answer the questions confidently and promptly.
  • Do not criticize your old job or employer, and try to be positive throughout the interview.

If you still find difficulty or you are facing time shortage in writing a resume yourself, do not take worries. Here you are provided with some Sample Web Developer Resume. You can take advantage of these resumes by downloading and customizing your personal data.


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