Secretary Resume Samples

All business people at high ranks with a list of responsibilities to perform may need the assistance of a person named as secretary. A person when get appointed for the job of a secretary has to perform all the duties assigned and some clerical duties also. A secretary has to work along with the senior officer and keep a record of all activities of the officer. Main duties of a secretary may include; prepare agenda of meetings, make appointments for the manager or another senior managing person, make reports for them, ensure safe custody of company seal, conducting research, typing, training clerical staff and a wide range of other activities which may vary from organization to organization. More skilled and highly educated people are required for this type of responsible job.

A person at this job has to be more active and able to perform even in pressure situations. Employers seek for the candidates with a professional attitude and more skills and impressive personality as well. A person who wants to become a secretary has to impress the employers with their resume. If the employers get impressed then he will obviously give a chance to the candidate to prove his/her skills in the interview.

How to Write a Secretary Resume

To make the resume more impressive a candidate should spend more time in preparing his/her resume and it is better for all candidates to get assistance from some seniors and professionals. Here are some important instructions for all candidates who want to write their resumes for a job of secretary.

  • Make some initial planning about what information to include in the resume before writing resume and prepare rough lists of all information.
  • Scan the planned information and select only relevant information to include in the resume.
  • Select high-quality paper and printer and make it sure that auto grammar and spell check feature of MS Word should be on so that all mistakes may be made correct in the start.
  • Select suitable font size and style it is better to write the resume in 12 font size and “Times New Romans” font style. This is most acceptable style.
  • In the first section of the resume, give personal information.
  • In the next section gives a very impressive objective statement. Make use of active words showing deep interest in joining that organization; like want to become a part of this dynamic organization, seeking for a position as a secretary in growing organization, want a position as a secretary in this well-established organization etc.
  • In the next share all your positive experiences and key accomplishments with the employer to show self-competency in performing the job successfully.
  • Be careful that all information provided in the resume must be based on reality.
  • Do not allow any irrelevant information to creep into the resume.
  • Avoid adding too lengthy paragraphs and complex sentences but use simple language.
  • Make use of job-related key words and avoid negative sentences about previous job or employer.
  • Use chronological order to state experiences and education.
  • In the education section gives information about most recent degree first of all.
  • Give information on all key skills and abilities in a separate section and provide the employer with true information.
  • In the last section give references.
  • Proof read the resume more than twice before submitting it.

All candidates may confidently write their resumes according to the instructions provided above and other candidates who still find a problem in making their resumes are now not needed to get worried because here they are also provided with sample resumes prepared by professionals that will serve all objectives of submitting a resume and will surely bring positive results. Take advantage from these ready to use free sample resumes.


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