Sample Security Guard Resume

A security guard is a person who may be appointed by any private or Government Company, organization, office, agency or even citizens to provide security of the property and life of the employing head. They are responsible for limit or prevent the illegal activities being practiced in the areas under their duty.

Duties and responsibilities of the security guards vary according to the instructions and requirements of employing heads. Their duty is very tough. Their basic responsibilities and duties are same. They have to keep standing actively in their positions. They check all the incoming and outgoing people and vehicles. They are responsible for assisting the others properly at the time of emergency. They have to make a proper report of what they observe and see. Security guards also monitor video cameras. Some security guards work at public stations like hospitals, gardens, cinemas, schools, colleges, courts, banks, and shopping malls, etc. They have to maintain the security of lives and property as well as they have to control crowds.

Security guards offer a wide range of services. Some of these services may include residential security, special event security, bodyguards, stationary security guards, fire watch security, personal security etc.

Security guards have to serve their employers at the cost of their lives. They must know the use of arms and they must have a license to use the arms. Security guards have to follow the instructions given by the employer. They must be strong and attentive. Their observation should be very sharp to limit and prevent terrorism and other illegal activities and submit a daily report to the employer.

How to write a security guard resume

While seeking for the new security guards, employers demand all necessary information in their resumes. If you are looking for a resume that will convince your employer to appoint you as a security guard, you should keep the following points in your mind while writing a resume for the job of a security guard:

  • After giving necessary detail, including your full name, contact number, present and permanent address.
  • Highlight your past experiences, as your past experience regarding that job is a strong selling point with new employers.
  • Try to emphasize on your knowledge related to handling different types of equipment like radio communications, data processing equipment, hidden cameras etc since this would save the time of employer in training sessions.
  • Mention if you have worked in different settings. It will be a positive point for you that you have experienced to handle different situations on the job and you are able to respond efficiently.
  • Mention information about your licenses that will show that you do not have any criminal background.
  • Mention if you have attended any training programs previously.

After writing best resume you should prepare yourself for the interview. Following are some instructions to prepare for the interview:

  • Remember the date of the interview and reach the interview place on time on the interview date.
  • Show confidence while answering your interviewer.
  • Be prepared for any physical test.
  • Take a copy of resume with you.
  • Talk in a way to make the employer feel that you are a suitable person for him.

To assist you in writing best convincing Security Guard Resume you are provided with some sample security guards resumes. Feel free to download or customize them according to your needs or you may make it your own by just entering your data.


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Security Guard Resume Example

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Security Guard Resume Template

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