Sample Entry Level Customer Service Resume

“First impression is the last impression”. All companies whether small or large, to place a positive impression on the visiting customers, appoint some entry-level customer service staff. They perform the duties nearly same as the receptionists. A person sitting in this position should be good looking with smiling face and cheerful attitude to welcome the new entrants.

One who enters the in the store, bank or hospital will surely move towards the entry-level staff members to get basic information. So the entry-level staff should sit on their seats having a plenty of basic information about the company’s products or services.

They have a number of responsibilities, for instance, they have to receive the phone calls, reply the emails and guide the customers where to go for further information. They must have best vocal quality, excellent communication skills and abilities to deal with a rush of people at a time. Even in the time of stress, they have to keep a sign of relaxation on their face and deal with all visitors very politely.

You need to prepare an entry level customer service resume to explain your expertise to the employer. In this field, the experience is very important. Your resume is a tool to get a job interview. So your resume should be very professionally designed.

While preparing your resume you should mention the followings:

  • Career objectives
  • Educational background
  • Qualification Summary
  • Special skills you possess required by employer
  • Work experience

You also need to mention the following details:

  • Resume should be written in a way to impress the employer
  • Expose your outstanding communication abilities
  • Describe your computer skills
  • You should focus on the requirement for an entry-level customer service by the employer

You need to avoid the following:

  • An entry-level resume should not be very long.
  • Do not give unnecessary details
  • Do not make any grammatical and spelling mistake
  • You should not give fake information.


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