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A library is the collection of reading materials. These reading materials may include subject books, religious books, history books, business books, novels, stories, newspapers, journals and magazines and even soft copies of reading materials like CDs, floppies, other audio or video electronic sources of information. Libraries have been serving the societies for several decades. It will not go wrong to call a library as a national asset of the country. Readers do not need to purchase too many books because they can use libraries to quench their thirst for knowledge. Libraries provide a very calm and peaceful atmosphere to the readers.

There are different types of libraries like government libraries and private libraries. People are free to use the books of public libraries by following some formalities like issuance of books is only possible with library cards but private libraries are little different from public libraries. Private libraries are owned by some institutions like schools, colleges or universities. Only students of these institutions can use these books. But one thing is same in both cases that the books or other reading materials will be issued using library cards.

How to make a library card is another issue but the question here is that who is responsible for the smooth functioning of the libraries. If there is no person to look after the libraries then students and the general public will surely misuse this treasure of knowledge like the careless handling of the books or not placing back the books in the cupboards.

Yes, there is always a person controlling and monitoring the assets of the library. That particular person is known as Librarian. He is the person who holds a complete control on incoming and outgoing of the books of the library. A person having an academic background in library sciences is appointed for this position. Almost all librarians have to perform the same duties.

Generally, their duties can include:

  • Placing books in the concerned cupboards and stamping books.
  • Preparation of registers holding the record of all books and whom they are issued. This record is now maintained with the help of computers. It means that a librarian also needs to have basic knowledge of computer operations.
  • They will issue library cards to the people or students in case of both public and private libraries after the same formalities like the collection of library funds and pictures to be attached to the library card, get the library card filled by the new card holder etc.
  • He is responsible for making the library rules known and followed by everyone.
  • Proper record maintenance like issuing and receiving dates of books.
  • Paste the book catalogs on the cupboards.

To run the libraries smoothly is not an easy task. People need a lot of time to get familiarized with duties. To get a job of the librarian is a chance to save the treasure of knowledge as well as the earning. People having interests in books and good organizational ability will be preferred for this job. Employers may arrange any training sessions for their new employees as librarians.

To gain a positive consideration of the employer for your resume, keep the following points in mind:

  • Write your name, phone number, e-mail and home address on the top of your resume.
  • Your objective should be written very impressively. Selection of words should be very careful.
  • In the next section, you will describe all your abilities and skills that will clearly show that you are able to look after the library and keep the records of all library sources.
  • Make use of key words to show that you have knowledge of library terms already.
  • Do not miss to include your experience regarding the job you are going to apply. You may also include the responsibilities performed in the previous job.
  • In the education section, highlight all your academic history in chronological order along with the year and institution with the respective course.
  • Do not forget to include if you have attended any training sessions regarding this job.
  • Clearly, show that you have a disciplined and organized personality which is perfect for this job.
  • In the last give reference section.
  • Be relevant throughout the resume and try to limit the length of your resume.

To get more assistance from the free sample librarian resumes convenience, these samples are ready-to-use and downloadable. Anybody can customize them to make their own.


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