Office Administrator Resume Samples

Administrators are the officers who are responsible for providing favorable work environment to all subordinates. They manage all needs of the employees and perform different duties. Key duties of each administrator may vary from organization to organization but their main responsibilities may include; assisting the finance manager in preparation of the budget, implement financial and other functional policies, prepare different necessary documents, take part in the annual audit, finalize the purchase order, coordinate with other departmental administrators etc. Except for all other duties, office administrators sometimes perform some sort of supervising and clerical duties also.

An office administrator has to possess many skills and abilities along with official needs knowledge and education to perform this responsible job. A person going to apply for the job of Office Administrator must be very careful in writing his resume because being an office coordinator he will have to perform a list of duties and employers seek for the candidates with very professional looking resume. If a person succeeds to impress the employer with his resume then he can dream a secured, promising and desired career.

Here are some important tips for all the candidates who are willing to join this administrative position to write a professional looking resume.

People should keep the following points in mind while writing their resumes:

  • In the very beginning of the resume, give a personal introduction and include name, e-mail address, home address and contact numbers that are currently in use.
  • In the next section gives a compelling objective statement. Spend more time and give more attention in writing this section as employers mostly use to read this section first of all after the introduction and create an impression about the applicant’s personality and tend to read the resume further according to this impression.
  • Take it very serious to write a resume as it is the first point of contact between the employers and the applicants.
  • After a convincing objective statement, give qualification summary in this section. Try to impress the employer by telling key achievements.
  • Share all performed duties in the employment history.
  • In the employment history section, other than a description of duties, give the name of the employer, title of the position, date of joining and leaving and geographical location of the employer.
  • Provide the employer with true and relevant information.
  • In the education, the section gives information about the academic background. Give the name of the institution, course name, year of passing, mention state, and give a necessary description.
  • In the last give a list of personal characteristics that are job-related and can prove a positive point for the applicant.
  • At the end, give references.
  • Proof read the resume more than twice to remove all mistakes.
  • Don’t attach any picture with the resume and don’t be extra personal in writing the resume.
  • Don’t include information like age, gender, height, favorite color and game, marital status and number of children etc.
  • Avoid using negative sentences and don’t mention salary demands in the resume.

For more convenience get assistance from the sample resumes provided here. These resumes have been prepared by professionals and are customizable according to applicant’s needs.


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office administrator resume example


Sample Office Administrator Resume

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office admin resume sample


Office Administrator Resume Template

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