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A model is a person who is appointed for the advertisement of products and promoting a new fashion. Modeling is quite different from acting and dancing profession. There are many categories for modeling. Teeth-models are appointed to promote toothpaste or other tooth products, Eye-model to promote any eye product etc. Most of the models do not express themselves verbally.

In this running age of glamour, there are countless types of models, such as body-part models, (like eye models are appointed for eye cosmetic commercial), glamour models (they are appointed for fashion shows), fitness models (they appointed be appointed by slimming centers for the advertisement on T.V or magazines) etc. A model must possess the followings traits:

  • Good height
  • Beauty (facial and figure beauty)
  • Confidence
  • Best walking style
  • Sparkling eyes
  • Moral support (from family and media)

If you want to become a model, you need to prepare a model resumes. As employer must be seeking something special in model resume, so your resume must be prepared in such way that gives a pleasant and attractive effect on employer. While you are preparing your resume you should follow the following instructions, first of all write your:

  • Objectives
  • Education
  • Special skills in modeling
  • Experience portfolio
  • Programs or shows in which you contributed

Some specific instructions for making model resumes:

  • You should mention if you get any award in modeling.
  • You need to attach your photo in this resume.
  • Try to attach those photos in which you are looking more stylish
  • You need to give a brief detail about previous roles in TV, college, university or any other event/show.
  • You need to mention in your resume your height, weight, eye and hair color.
  • You should write about your training.

You should not write the following in your resume:

  • Do not write any fake information.
  • Do not use long sentence.
  • Do not forget to write your contact number
  • Do not make any grammatical or spelling mistake
  • You should focus on the requirements from the employer

During the interview you must be confident, if you do not agree at any point of the employer, you should not argue, but you need to be smiling in the face. You should answer all the questions of the employer with great confidence and boldness.

If you are looking for model resumes samples, you will find here very professional resume samples. You can download these samples for free.


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Simple & Professional Model Resume Sample

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