Construction Foreman Resume Sample

A construction foreman is a person who supervises the worker on a construction site. Usually, construction foreman is a senior worker with great experience. And a construction foreman with great experience may be known as project manager.

A good and responsible construction foreman can assure the success of the project. As a construction foreman, you have unlimited liabilities. He is responsible for maintaining the quality of material used for construction. He is also responsible for completing the task within deadline. It is his duty to check if there is any dilatory or abnormality in work.

The employers require a construction foreman who has a good name in the market and has necessary skills. If you want to apply for this job, you need to prepare a construction foreman resume. You must prepare your resume by keeping in mind your responsibilities.

Here I give some instructions to write your construction resume. While you are preparing your resume you should write the followings:

  • Objective
  • Education
  • Qualification summary
  • Experience
  • Reference

In preparation of your resume you need to mention the followings:

  • You can supervise your subordinates in good manners.
  • Focus on the requirement of the employer
  • You have ability to read blue prints
  • You have knowledge of framing geometry
  • You have ability to cut wood stairs

You should try to avoid the following things in your resume:

  • Do not mention any wrong information
  • Do not make any grammatical or spelling mistake
  • Do not attach photo with your resume
  • Do not use long sentence in body of resume
  • Do not give unnecessary details

At the time of interview do not get confused and give the answer to all questions confidently to reveal your skills to the employer.


Here is an example of Construction Foreman Resume as:

Construction Foreman Resume Template


Construction Foreman Resume Template

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