Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume Template

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) are the health care staff members. They can work in hospitals, health care centers, clinics, and in homes for long term care facilities. They are the assistants of the senior doctors and provide basic care services to the patients under their supervision. They provide medical as well as non-medical care to the patients in hospitals and sometimes in their homes, too. They take care of both physically and mentally ill people.

Certified nursing assistants perform nearly similar duties which may include assisting in medical treatments, bathing, dressing, transferring, personal care, feeding patients, deliver messages, medical preparation, monitor patient behavior, interact with the patients and their families, and a lot of other activities. They should be highly motivated to follow the instructions. They have to perform all duties assigned by their seniors.

Only people having certain qualities in them can perform this job. They need to be honest, caring, willing to help others in recovery, clean, polite, patient and must be healthy enough to take good care of the patients and follow the instructions at once for the safety of the patient. As they have to do work for long hours and their duties are also of such type that sometimes they have to lift, turn, support any patients, so they should be physically strong and energetic. They need to be at the beck and call of their supervising seniors. Recovery of the patients is really affected by the attitude of this assistant nursing staff. To perform their duties well, they are needed to get training from special institutions.

Different countries have different demands regarding the appointment of these staff members, but everywhere candidates with certificates are given priority for appointment. They need to have some basic education as well as training in any health care center for providing better health care services to the patients. To become a CNA, you have to pass a state CNA exam. You have to pass two tests, written and clinical. If you get passed then you will get a certificate and find a job opportunity in any hospital or other health care center.

After passing the CNA exam, your next step is to go in search of a suitable job. Are you wondering how to write a job winning resume?

To write a professional looking CNA resume keep the following points in mind:

  • Provide your full name, telephone number, present and permanent home address at the start of the resume.
  • In the next section write your objectives. Your objective should show that you are willing to serve the humanity.
  • Mention your academic background.
  • Also, state your clinical experience.
  • List out all your personal traits which will show your interests to serve the patients with patience without getting irritated with the behavior of mentally ill patients.
  • Do not be too personal while writing your resume and avoid unnecessary information.
  • Avoid negative sentences and try to use active sentences.
  • In the last mention references.
  • Get your resume checked by some professional to assure the accuracy of your resume.

Here is an example of sample Nursing Resume:


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cna resume template


Sample CNA Resume

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