Administrative Assistant Resume Samples

All businesses have introduced a position of Administrative Assistant for the executives, coordinators, and other managerial positions to assist them so that they may get their workload shared with the assistants and also get more time to take managerial decisions and perform their key responsibilities. An assistant may be appointed with less experience and education than the senior person but he must have all necessary skills to perform that particular job.

An Administrative Assistant may have to perform different duties according to the duties of senior for whom assist is going to get appointed. Main duties of an assistant may include; coordinate with the subordinates, preparing all necessary documents, coordinating with personnel of other departments, conducting market research, arranging training and orientation programs for new employees, performing clerical duties and list of other duties to perform as and when assigned.

A person with the best communication, computer, problem-solving, presentation, research and clerical job skills with a professional attitude will get this job. To tell the employers that which candidate really deserves that particular position, candidates need to submit professional looking and convincing resumes. To make a Administrative Assistant resume more convincing and appealing candidates are invited to get assistance from the important instructions provided here. See and keep these instructions in points while writing their resumes:

  • Give personal introduction in the start and then a compelling objective statement.
  • Use active words in the objective statement to show keen interest in joining the organization as assistant.
  • In the next section give summary of qualifications and provide the employer with only job related information.
  • In the experience history, include all assigned duties, name of the employer, and time duration of each job and location of the organization.
  • State the most recent job at the top and use same order in education section.
  • In the education section give the name of institution, location of institution, year of degree and name of degree. Also give extra description if needed.
  • Add more sections to give information on training or awards if any.
  • In the last give references.
  • Check the accuracy of the resume in grammatical, logical and spelling aspects.
  • Don’t include extra personal information in the resume like age, gender, best friend, marital status, favorite game etc.
  • Don’t attach any picture with the resume.
  • Don’t mention salary demands in the resume.
  • Don’t include any inactive sentence and negative sentence about the previous employer.
  • Don’t include irrelevant information in the resume.

Submit the resumes prepared according to the instructions given above and download the sample resumes provided here for more convenience.


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Administrative Assistant Resume Templates

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Administrative Assistant Resume Examples

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